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GBP helix egg farm .jpg

Pulaski Egg Farm

Category:                 Commercial
Contractor:               Custom Concrete 
Location:                  Francesville, Indiana
Application:             Slab on Grade, Poured Walls, Columns

Original Design:      5.5” SOG with #3 rebar at 16”  OCEW
Helix Dosage:          5.5” SOG with 9.5 lb/yd3

Rose Acre Farms offers commodity eggs, specialty eggs including cage-free varieties, liquid eggs, dried eggs, and egg protein powder.  From their beginnings in the 1930s as a family chicken farm in rural Indiana, Rose Acre Farms has grown to become the second-largest egg producer in the United States. 


With that expansion, they recently added a facility in Francesville, Indiana.  Custom Concrete performed the concrete work on the project in conjunction with Ozinga Ready Mix.  In reviewing solutions to provide for a more resilient concrete structure and to help compress the overall delivery schedule, Custom Concrete turned to Helix Steel.  


Helix® Micro-Rebar™ reinforcement was selected to reinforce Slab on Grade, Poured Walls and Column applications.  This enabled Custom Concrete to remove 120 tons of rebar and save 6 weeks on the overall project schedule.    

“Helix® concrete reinforcement offers an opportunity to improve project timelines, lower labor costs, and provides a safer and cleaner job site than traditional reinforcement." said Casey Harvey, Director of Operations at Custom Concrete.  

This project was awarded the 2018 Concrete Achievement Award from the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

GBP helix ICON 330 tower.jpg

ICON 330 Tower

Increased Speed of Construction by 16 days, while Reducing Carbon Footprint by 186 tons.

Category:               Residential
Contractor:             XDG Construction

Location:                Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Application:           Shear Walls

Origial Design:      10’’ Wall with 2-Layers 15M @24’’ OCEW

Helix Dosage:        10’’ Wall w/10 lb/yd3,

                               15M @ 15” OC Horizontal,

                               15M @ 21” OC Vertical


Increase in Shear Strength:               70%

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:      18%

Increase in Durability:                      19%

Increase Speed of Construction:       16 Days

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:        186 Tons

ICON330 is a student housing tower located near several universities in Waterloo, Ontario.  The award-winning design and architectural teams have created a luxurious living experience for students and young professionals.  This prestigious high-rise environment boasts sleek furnished suites with upgraded features and finishings, along with unlimited access to first-class amenities.


The developer wanted to ensure the walls of this structure were highly reinforced, yet easy to place. Using Helix Steel, XDG Construction, was able to place the walls 16 days faster than they would have using traditional rebar design. Both the contractor and developer were impressed with the quality of the finish and the performance of the concrete.

GBP helix The Villages.jpg

The Villages

At 10 lb/yd3, Helix Steel ensures our homes meet the FEMA spec for tornadoes and hurricanes.

   – Terry Yoder,  T & D Concrete

Category:                 Residential
Contractor:              T & D Concrete
Location:                 The Villages, Florida
Application:             Poured Walls, Floors, Foundations

Original Design:      6x6, W2.9 /W2.9 WWF Wire Mesh 

Helix Dosage:         10 lb/yd3 


Increase in Shear Strength:                96%

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:       18%

Increase in Durability:                       17%

Number of Homes:                            10,000 + Homes

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:        117,000 Tons

The Villages is a residential community for active seniors near Orlando, Florida.  The community includes homes, grocery stores and movie theaters. More than 10,000 homes and other community facilities have been poured with Helix Steel reinforcement.  Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement has been poured in cast-in-place walls, floors and foundations for these buildings. With Helix Steel, these homes are more equipped to face potential damage from hurricanes & tornadoes that regular homes are not built to withstand.


Over 6.5 million sq. ft. and 122,000 yd3 of concrete has been supported with Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement.  This equates to over 1.2 million lb.  

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