Green Builder Products Inc.

Distributor of Green Construction Materials

Company History

GBP is an outgrowth of the Ferguson Safety Products, Inc. (FSP) Construction Products Division. FSP has been in business 32 years, with a Construction Products Division for over 7 years. GBP was incorporated in 2019 by owners Lonna and Dennis Speer. This step was made to assist in curbing climate change through cutting the carbon footprint of the materials used in construction and through energy efficiency decreasing the ongoing carbon footprint of properly designed structures.

Our founders been active in protecting the environment for over five decades and created Green Builder Products, Inc. to focus on the carbon footprint of the construction industry. With sixty years of building experience which ranged from digging ditches and footings to programming and overseeing construction of research laboratory buildings and four story dormitory complexes.

Our Mission

GP Reduces the construction and lifetime carbon footprint of homes and buildings

Our Vision

GBP provides products that are energy efficient and fire resistant

Our Goals

GBP Sets the standard for building, and rebuilding safe, secure homes after natural disasters