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  • Acid-Free Cement Dissolver
  • Hang your Haz-Mat suit up! 

Liquid Hammer is the best non-corrosive cleaning compound designed specifically to remove concrete build-up from hauling, handling and finishing.

Melts concrete, cement, grout, hard water deposits, mortar, mud, plaster, lime & lime scale and even moderate grease and oil residues for quick clean-up. Safe on virtually every surface including wood, paint, steel, composite components, polished aluminum, chrome, glass, and all plastics.

100% biodegradable, dilutes and neutralizes with water. Will not affect any storm water runoff streams. Exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability and environmental compliance. HMIS 0-0-0 ratings.

Liquid Hammer can be applied via aerosol, low-pressure foaming system, sprayer, or brush and bucket. One application of the product will remove light build-up. Moderate to severe build-up may require regular applications over a period of days or weeks. Dilutions will vary depending on preference and frequency of use.

Paint it on to etch smooth concrete surfaces – for new top-coats or to create a safer walking surface.

Just think: No more Muriatic Acid with its killer fumes, holes in your clothes, OSHA and EPA restrictions. Maybe you’ve gotten used to all the precautions, but your new crew hasn’t. How much time does it take to train them? And train them again? With Liquid Hammer, equipment is safely cleaned by any operator.

Liquid Hammer is all about simplicity, safety and effectiveness.