Green Builder Products Inc.

Distributor of Green Construction Materials

Helping you to actualize your client’s imagined ideas. The patented ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) blocks are a cost-effective method of constructing interior and exterior walls as well as curved retaining walls. They’ll be amazed when they see the lightning-fast speed you’ll be able to raise their project up out of the ground.

A pallet worth of forms can be carried by one worker, reducing both job time and risk of injuries.
No need spending too much extra time explaining to your workers that they need to use good body mechanics when they pick up an entire pallet worth of H-Forms that merely weighs 30lbs. H-Forms assembles like ‘Legos’ and a 100-foot section of wall can be assembled then carried by two workers and set by hand.

H-Forms are light and portable.

Enjoy the convenience of ICF construction inside.
Our ICFs allow for 6 inch thick interior walls, unlike other brands.

The convenience of ICF and curved structures.
This is where your clients’ imaginations can really come alive. We even have a system for attaching walls to the foundation. When your client requests a curved retaining wall think H-Forms.

Selection of accessories to top those walls.
Go beyond a flat-topped wall. We provide a variety of handsome toppers for walls.

Cutting shipping costs on concrete structures.

H-forms blocks weigh a fraction of concrete blocks. This reduces your shipping costs and speeds up the job of transporting materials to and on the job site.

All ICF structures offer the opportunity to earn LEED points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), but with all the applications unique to H-Forms, the LEED points will come flowing in effortlessly. Attain U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification faster with our help.​
• Sound Walls

• Freeway Walls

• Patio Walls

• Fences

• Privacy Walls

• Planters

• Retaining Walls

• Conventional Retaining Walls

• Buttress Retaining Walls

• Pier Foundation Retaining Walls

• Lap Pools

• Fountains

• Landscaping Walls

• Mobile Home Foundations

• Monuments

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