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EnerFlect thermal coating is a latex-based, reflective coating that seals and insulates roofs. It can drop attic temperatures by up to 50 degrees.

Enerflect is quick and easy to use, which adds up to savings on your labor costs. It is applied just like paint with a brush, roller or sprayer, cleans up easily with water, and dries in 3-6 hours. EnerFlect can be tinted to custom colors at your local paint store. White and other light colors will further amplify the heat reflectivity. Because it is non-toxic with low VOCs, EnerFlect is good for the environment.

Apply EnerFlect over a primer for a practical way to insulate cargo containers, storage lockers, and moving vans without adding weight or mass.

EnerFlect also seals and protects. It creates a watertight, elastic seal that eliminates leaks up to a quarter inch wide, meaning less moisture damage and less time spent on repairs. Unlike regular paints, EnerFlect is ASTM tested to 300% elongation elongation at the break which helps it stand up to expansion and contraction.

EnerFlect has a 10-year warranty when applied over an appropriate primer and specific application rates are followed.

Don’t just paint it… EnerFlect it!​

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