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Crystal Lok

Water-based concrete penetrating sealer

When Crystal Lok is applied to concrete, it's pulled into the capillaries and pores and within 15 minutes begins the waterproofing, damp proofing, and hardening process.


  • Blocks water (fresh and salty) from rains, floods, storms, waves

  • Prevents freeze-thaw spalling


  • Seals against de-Ice chemicals

  • Prevents algae, mold, fungi infiltration & discoloration

  • Prevents chemical corrosion

Damp proofs

  • Allows structures to expel trapped water as vapor.


  • Improves surface abrasion by 65%

  • Increases concrete density and hardness

  • Prevents physical abrasion

  • Stops expansion cracking from temperature fluctuations

Raises pH - (11.3-11.5 same as new concrete)

  • Helps keep embedded steel fiber, mesh and rebar rust-free

  • Reduces re-rusting in aged concrete


  • Single application liquid

  • Apply to dry, damp, or wet surfaces (not into puddles or flowing water)

  • Apply with any method - brush, spray

    • Penetrates up to 3/4 inch converting to new C-S-H (Calcium Silicate Hydroxide - pure cement), filling pores, capillaries, voids & hairline cracks with CS

  • Can be top coated with concrete-specified coatings, mastics, adhesives

Environmental Benefits:

  • Water based

  • Non Hazardous

  • Solvent-free, odor-free, non-toxic and non-flammable

  • 0 VOC (zero Volatile Organic Content)

Additional Features

  • Blocks penetration of acids, caustics, petroleum products, mine wastes

  • Permanent - cannot erode; does not require subsequent re-application every few years

  • Can be shipped by any method - UC 2839.19.00.00 DOT Class 55 NMFC: 033880.2 d

  • Not UV-sensitive

  • Holds concrete at pH 11+, higher than oxidation levels for concrete and imbedded steel, therefore---

  • Passivates encountered structural steel within concrete mass

  • Accepts any normal maintenance after application - acids, polishing, grinding

  • Effective as a negative-side waterproofing against a hydrostatic head of over 115 ft/35 m

  • Reduces or eliminates efflorescence and leaching in concrete

  • Improves the bonding of cementitious toppings, coatings and paints

  • Ultra-violet stable

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