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"The size of our project was over 210,000 square feet and we saved 21 days of construction time"

Helix Steel

Save Money, Time & Our Environment


Want to save 20-25% on the overall cost of pouring concrete? Use Helix Micro Rebar and save on steel, shipping, and labor costs. Helix Micro-Rebar replaces welded wire mesh and rebar for temperature and shrinkage. Helix also can, depending on the application, replace structural rebar. Eliminate laying, tying and inspecting. Speed your construction and save time on schedule.​

Helix Micro Rebar are 1" long Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar (TSMR) made with high carbon steel (with 50% recycled steel) and electroplated with zinc to resist rust.


Helix Micro Rebar is engineered to provide multi-directional reinforcement, it provides a safer, non-continuous reinforcement system. Helix Micro Rebar is lightweight and easy to use, so reduces construction time and labor costs while increasing work-site safety.


Helix Micro Rebar weighs only one-quarter of the weight of standard rebar rods, it is shipped in 45 pound boxes instead of on flat-bed semis, reducing the emissions of trucks, forklifts and cranes.

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Helix Micro Rebar can be used in structural foundations, footings, slabs, walls, floors, beams/columns, shotcrete, and precast products.


•  Improve crack resistance over standard rebar


•  Increase durability


•  Improve shear strength – absorbs 200% more energy


•  Compatible with common curing compounds, dry shake or spray-on toppings


•  Pour and finish like plain concrete


•  Achieve your LEED goal and reduce CO2 by 33% compared to rebar



•  Replace rebar & wire mesh for easy crack control in SOGs

•  Foundations & Footings*

•  Structural Floors*

•  Structural Walls*

•  Beams/Columns/Piers*

•  Shotcrete (pumps easily, even through 2" lines)

•  Precast*

•  Reduce rebar congestion in multiple mat slabs - replace or increase spacing of rebar by adding Helix*

 * Engineering calculations available by submitting steel schedule plans.

(Geological report information may be required on specific applications.)

For product specifications, LEED point categories, application information and directions on dosing and placing, click here.