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Helix - Micro Rebar

Helix twist-detail

Superior to Standard Rebar

• More durable

• Higher crack resistance

• Produces concrete that's 4 times stronger with less than half the tonnage of steel 

• Improves shear strength - absorbs 200% more energy

• Prevents spalling due to corrosion because the Helix bars don't touch

• Reduces rebar congestion in multiple mat slabs - replaces or increases spacing of rebar

• Provides a non-continuous, multi-directional matrix of reinforcement

1" long twisted high carbon steel rods,

electroplated with zinc to resist rust. 

Dimed Helix.jpg

Far easier than Standard Rebar

• Pours and finishes like plain concrete

• Is compatible with common curing compounds, dry shake or spray-on toppings

• Can be mixed in at the batch plant or on the job site

• Eliminates cutting, bending, placing & tying

• Eliminates fabricating cages for deep piers 

• And we'll provide engineering calculations at no charge


• Structural Foundations

• Footings

• Slabs

• Structural Floors

• Structural Walls

• Beams/Columns/Piers

• Precast products

• Shotcrete!   (pumps easily, even through 2" lines)

Helix Repaired Ocean Beach Seawall

Savings - Time, Labor, Money

• Saves 10% to 30% of cost on your next concrete project

• Reduces or eliminates the time and expense of skilled labor to cut, bend & tie steel

• Weighs only one-quarter of the weight of standard rebar rods for the same job

• Shipped in 7"x7"x14", 45 pound boxes. 

       - No need for the expense of semi trucks, forklifts or cranes - even UPS can deliver 

• Makes  for a safer job site - reduces or eliminates:

       - the danger of vertical bars

       - the tripping hazard of standard rebar mats

For the Grandkids:
• Made with recycled American steel
• Reduces your carbon footprint by 33% compared to rebar, and helps you achieve your LEED goal
• Reduces the emissions of transport because it requires one-quarter the weight of standard rebar rods

For product specifications, LEED point categories, application information and directions on dosing and placing, click here.

GBP helix commercial.jpg

"The size of our project was over 210,000 square feet and we saved 21 days of construction time"

Helix Steel

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